More than just “toe and go”. Zenith Auto Care houses the latest, state of the art Hunter Hawkeye Elite laser alignment system. This powerful tool gives us the power to not only handle your basic alignments but also diagnose any suspension and/or tire faults your vehicle may have. This together with our expert, experienced technicians, certified in Suspension and Steering systems, provides the tools and know-how to get the job done the first time.

Zenith Auto Care offers mainly three types of alignments: Standard, Specialty, & Exotic. Please read to following to see where your vehicle might fit. Take note, if your ride height is adjustable, we recommend it is perfectly even all around as this will affect proper alignment, if unsure, we can address this for you before proceeding.

Standard ($89.95): Most cars without any aftermarket suspension modifications (lowering springs or coil-overs are ok).

Specialty ($129.95): Upgraded suspension components, inaccessible alignment adjustments (requiring disassembly of other components for access). 

Exotic ($199.95): Vehicles with removeable under panels that obstruct adjustability. Vehicles that require removal and installation of components to make adjustments.